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Nashville Law Firms

Nashville Law Firms

What Makes a Good Nashville Law Firm?

Tennessee does have its fair share of legal situations – what state doesn’t? The law puts every person into everything….

1. Family Law

2. Copyright Law

3. Billings Law

4. Mutual Funds Law

5. Personal Injury Law

6. Auto Accident Law

7. Bankruptcy Law

8. Property Law

9. Tax Law

10. Immigration Law

11. Criminal Law

12. Insurance Law

13. Business Law

You could name just about anything in life, and the law will go with it. That’s just a state of fact. So then the question of where to find a good lawyer – better yet, where there’s a good Nashville law firm out there – becomes all the more important.

So What Can a Prospective Nashville Client Do?

Learn about what makes a good Nashville law firm. Plain and simple.

For starters, there are two practical types of Nashville law firm out there. And you can generally spot them from the outside….

1. Large Law Firms

2. Small Law Firms

Pretty basic. But a lot goes into examining what makes a Nashville law firm ‘small’ or a ‘large.’ And it’s not simply about the size of the building.

We’ll start with the larger Nashville law firms to get a good idea of the strengths….

The Basics of a Large Nashville Law Firm

You’d see them from afar – in skyscrapers. These Nashville law firms are so huge that they may have multiple offices in other states and maybe even in other countries.

Naturally, that is a sign of major prosperity. But that should never be the deciding factor in choosing a lawyer to hire. It’s tempting, though.

These are, however, the main strengths larger Nashville law firms can offer:

1. Team Mentality

2. Better Resources

3. Better Technology

4. Better Track Record

There’s No “I” in the Word “Team”

This mantra applies to the law in a big way for Nashville law firms. Why? Because the more experts are involved in the case, the better chance of a favorable decision. Again, they don’t have the big skyscraper for nothing.

Some large Nashville law firms may have ten, twenty, maybe even thirty attorneys on staff. That’s hefty. But it’s to ensure that every case has the best kind of attention. Some Nashville law firms will actually assign at least two attorneys for any case. And this solidifies a client’s chance to win the case.

Each Lawyer Has the Best Kind of Support

Even with the team mentality, the players in the game have their bat boys, towel guys, and training dummies – metaphorically speaking.

Here is a list of other workers typically involved in one of these massive law firms in Nashville:

1. Paralegals

2. Legal Assistants

3. Legal Writers

4. Legal Interns

5. Mail Room Clerks

So many resources, so much more time to devote in the courtroom. And that truly is what makes a lawyer effective – all his or her energy can then be devoted to the workings of the courtroom. Pretty easy.

Add to That the Power of Technology

You can’t beat the digital age these days, but in many ways it takes some major moola to make it happen –

1. Social Media

2. Tablet Technology

3. Smartphones

4. Communication Technology

5. Laptops

6. Open Source Online Documentation

Say good-bye to all the piles of file folders, disorganization, all the headaches that come with being a lawyer. If you’re a lawyer working in a large Nashville firm, you’ll have all the ducks in a row for you to shoot down.

And That Makes For a Better Track Record

When a lawyer’s up on his or her game, it’s almost a definite that the case is a win. Statistically, lawyers working in larger firms not only get paid the most, but win the most.

And without a doubt that can be the main deciding factor for any client looking to hire an attorney for any case.

My God, Where Does That Leave the Little Legal Guys?

Believe it or not, the smaller firms do have some spunk. And for good reason. There’s never any lack of demand in the legal field, and that should be pretty evident by how all-inclusive the law happens to be in every aspect of life.

For a better understanding of the benefits, though, let’s get into it with these smaller firms in Nashville….

1. Better Rates and Fees

2. More Hardworking and Personable

3. Localization and Specialization

Compared to the strengths of larger firms, this seems, well, ‘small.’ Don’t be fooled. There’s a lot going on here for smaller offices.

Savings for a Client

It makes perfect sense. Attorneys working in smaller offices will generally charge less. Sometimes much less. And they may even work cases pro bono.

This, however, isn’t for the reasons you’re thinking. Yes, there’s ‘competition,’ but to be fair the demand for legal representation doesn’t get very stale at all. So no lawyer – big or small – can get hungry for clientele. Hence no competition with pricing.

But here are the reasons why smaller-time attorneys will offer better rates and fees:

1. Smaller Office Setting

2. Less Staff to Pay

3. Less Expenses to Pay

It makes perfect business sense! That’s a perfectly valid reason to stay ‘small’ in business. And you can see it anywhere. But the best part of better pricing for a smaller law office is that no client will lose out on the experience, and maybe even the track record.

A Legal Warrior

They’re like nomads, really. Because they have a lack of resources (company library, technology, etc. etc.), they do a lot of running. That makes them all legal warriors in the game. They work hard for their cases.

Specifically, the reason why is they don’t have as much clientele as any lawyer in a larger firm. They don’t need much, to be honest. This helps them focus a lot on the specific client without having to worry about scheduling with another client.

Their attention goes right to the current client as well as the case. Major plus.

Sticking to What You Know….

There’s a reason for localization. Clients will know that the best experience belongs right there.

The honest truth is that most cases revolve under state or county laws. So what better choice in a lawyer who is well versed in those laws? Chances are you’ll find such a lawyer working locally. In addition, that kind of lawyer will know the judges well, other attorneys well, details of a case well.

The list can go on and on.

The Choice Resides With the Client

Again, though – big or small – it doesn’t matter the size or the number of strengths going into the law firm right in Nashville. Not by any stretch.

The important thing, though, is to know the strengths, know what you’re dealing with, know what you want, and then make the choice. Make the right choice.

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