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Newark Law Firms

Newark Law Firms

Guide to Newark Law Firms

With hundreds of law firms in the city of Newark itself and even more nearby, looking through the phone book or doing a web search for a Newark law firm can be overwhelming. It's even harder if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. This guide will help you focus on your expectations and needs so that you can find compatible Newark law firms.

What's the Problem?

The first step to figuring out what Newark law firm is right for you is writing down your own legal problem. Get out a pen and piece of paper, and try to summarize your legal issue in just a sentence or two. Keep it to facts only—leave emotions and extra details out. It may take you several tries to be able to summarize your whole issue so briefly.

After you've got a brief description of your problem, think about what you want the resolution of your issue to be. In another brief (1-2 sentence) statement, write down how you ideally want this situation to be resolved. Beginning by writing these very tight, unemotional statements can keep you focused and on task so you don't lose track of exactly why you are seeking Newark law firms.

What Are You Looking For?

People with a great deal of experience searching for a lawyer may know exactly what they're looking for in a Newark law firm, but even if you have substantially less experience, you probably have some expectations. You may be hoping for an aggressive lawyer, or one who can help mediate an agreement with little animosity. There are no right or wrong answers, just whatever is right for your situation and personality. There are so many Newark law firms that even if you have many expectations, you are very likely to find what you need in a Newark law firm.

Types of Law Firms: Big Law Firms

One of the most important factors in determining the culture of a Newark law firm is the firm's size. The largest Newark law firms have hundreds of attorneys, and some are offices of larger national or international firms with many other locations. These law firms are often among the most prestigious in the area, and for some types of clients they offer an unparalleled combination of amenities. If this list seems to describe you, you're probably looking for one of the larger Newark law firms:

ñ You want to find a Newark law firm to represent a corporate entity, rather than yourself as an individual. Big Newark law firms have more experience with corporate clients and may better understand the issues facing a large or high-profile corporation.

ñ You have ongoing legal needs and want to hire a Newark law firm that can handle anything you need, even in specialty fields. The “deep bench” at large Newark law firms means that these firms can help clients with almost any legal issue.

ñ You want a professional, even formal attitude in your law firm, and don't mind paying a high price for your representation.

Big Newark law firms aren't for everyone—it can be easy to feel like you're a nameless, faceless client when your Newark law firm handles tens of thousands of cases. Other potential clients are simply priced out, because these firms generally cost hundreds of dollars per billable hour.

Types of Law Firms: Small Firms

Smaller Newark law firms may catch your eye initially because of budgetary reasons. With hourly billing rates of upward of $500 at a large Newark law firm, small firms may get you a lot more bang for your buck. Many small firms are willing to operate using alternative fee structures, often charging a flat fee that covers your representation for one legal issue from beginning to end.

Flat fees can help you budget and comparison shop for Newark law firms, and you may be able to get an even better deal if you look at several firms for competing rates. For clients who can't afford to pay their legal expenses all at once, payment plans can put your Newark law firm bills within budgetary reach.

Money isn't the only reason to consider small Newark law firms. With fewer lawyers and secretaries, you are likely to feel like your experience with a small Newark law firm is more personal and warm, and you are likely to have substantial direct contact with your lawyer instead of having to go through a legal secretary whenever you need to talk to your attorney. You can also find a much wider variety of Newark law firm personalities when you search for smaller Newark law firms.

Types of Law Firms: Practice Areas

While it's important to know how large your ideal Newark law firm will be, you should also give some consideration to whether you want to look for Newark law firms that handle a wide variety of cases or one that specializes in just cases like yours.

If you anticipate needing legal counsel in the future and don't want to start over with a new law firm every time, you may want to begin a lawyer/client relationship with a general practice Newark law firm. These Newark law firms offer lawyers who can handle nearly any type of case, and they may be able to develop an almost family-like bond with you and your family.

For single cases, however, you may want to look for a specialty Newark law firm that focuses on cases like yours. These specialty Newark law firms may have a relatively broad specialty area, like criminal defense, or they may work in a narrower field, like DUI defense.

Once you know what kind of Newark law firms you want to look for, your search will become substantially more tailored, giving you the kind of results you want. Good luck with your lawyer search, and remember that when you keep focused on your own preferences, you'll be more likely to find exactly the kind of Newark law firm you need.

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